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“My son, [ ] had a great time. He and [his friend] told us about it for hours. They came away with a great appreciation of what they learned and took in. They met some great kids and he is very excited about going back next year. He even talked about how great it would be to eventually become part of the staff. They have also started talking about spreading the word around their school and trying to get others kids interested.” – Parent, NTLP 2014 So-Cal Camp

“Greetings Laura, just got back from San Antonio and wanted to let you know my daughter absolutely loved NTLP. She can’t stop talking about her experiences and things she learned along with the new friends she met. She has already decided she wants to attend next year…” – Parent, NTLP 2014 Texas Camp

National Teen Leadership Program

National Teen Leadership Program (NTLP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that celebrated its 21st year of motivating and inspiring youth to be great role models and civic leaders through leadership camps and diversity day programs. Over 12,000 middle and high school aged students have benefited from NTLP and we have given away over $160,000 in awards to deserving youth. VIEW OUR GALLERY to see the many faces of NTLP.

“What a moving, inspirational and an eye-opening experience you provided our fortunate students! The Diversity Day program was even better than Rachel’s Challenge because it relates directly to OUR students. Calvin was an amazing leader – blending educator, sociologist, psychologist, historian, philosopher, artist, and advocate. I believe our students were deeply moved by this unflinching exploration and heart-felt celebration of human connection. It was my privilege to attend with Lindsey and you. THANK YOU!” – Alison, Alliance College-Ready Academy High School, 2013